Anna Bay

Coloured shirts and sunglasses

Crowded streets of Nelson Bay

Ice cream shops and fishermen

A speedboat leaves a foaming trail

Driving to the caravan park

A flapping shirt in morning sun

Hats on babies, kids on bikes

Pinball in the general store

Towels and bodies on the sand

Splashing seas on wind and rocks

Crabs in holes, gulls in blue

Endless sands of Stockton beach

Walking to the pub at eight

The late evening's yellow light

Green fields, a coastal swamp

A pointing breast behind the bar

A lost bottle of sun cream

Playing cards at ten p.m.

Waking for an early swim

Sand and salt on everything

Swimming on the last day

Hot feet on hot sand

"Goodbye" yelled after lunch

Now speeding on a black freeway

Drinking days, money spent

Sound of waves, brilliant sun

The moment gone, but we were there

Our caravan, by the beach

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