The Man Of Stone

When walking down an empty road

I wondered where the path would lead,

There came at once a gentle voice

That spoke in quiet certainty.

The sounds I heard were subtle ones

Full of life yet not my own,

"Feel the power of the land,

As I am here, the man of stone."

With bushland near I stopped and searched

Without a soul around to see,

The voice that came was not my own,

Words of silent mystery.

Quietly I looked around

Then called out loud and angrily,

Who is this voice that calls out so,

What lies are these, what trickery?

"The chance is here for those who dream

The path of death is too well known,

My time has gone but you still live,

Do not forget the man of stone."

Around the path the bushland grew

In full array of majesty,

And then at once the land revealed

A great and haunting mystery.

The bushland glowed and came alive

Much greater than I've ever known,

And in the shadows of the hills

I saw the man, the man of stone.

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