Singing Stream

We've walked around a mountainside,

Now resting by a stream,

A curling trail of turbulence

Swirling in a running dream.

Sitting and laughing with heads thrown back,

In bubbling splash as water falls

But through the wash and splashing leaves

A singing voice from rocky halls.

The others doubt a mystic voice

A crazy thought as "nothing's there"

But glimpsing near a stand of fern

A shock of blue, then golden hair.

A pounding heart and flushing face

Without a doubt of what I've seen,

Surely there's a pearly face

And gown of blue by mossy green!

Soon we'll leave but I won't speak

Another word about this sight.

We've walked for days now one to go

Let's make our camp, an hour tonight.

When staring at the flames at dusk

With a crystal thought of water rings,

A glimpse of blue near bubbling falls.

The gentle song the spirit brings.

Away at dawn as others sleep

Returning to the falls of night,

My rushing feet, my pounding heart

A land of song and mystic sight.

Dawn's late hour, I've made it back

"Here I am, now come to me"

Dripping rocks, ferns and moss

Nothing more is there to see.

Passion steam from pounding lungs

Amidst the white of waterfalls,

A moment's fear that all is lost

Then light appears from green stained walls.

Like the jolting shock of crashing fists

A sight of joy by waterside,

A spirit girl beyond the dark

Walking clear and not denied.

"I am here" she strongly said

"You sang a song here yesterday

And called for me when resting here",

"What is this place?", I tried to say.

A song of unaccustomed voice

Though still she made me understand

This is not a place for mortal feet,

A corner of a different land."

Within my heart the wish was seen

To tell the rest and take them here

We'd come again, then tell the world

But in her eyes I sensed a fear.

"Leave us now, come not again

Calling you was my mistake

A love you bear had made me sing

So go before your friends awake!"

She walked behind the weeping rocks

I glanced toward the glowing sky

And left the shadowed mystery

Of eel and green-eyed dragonfly.

My mind recurred when rushing back

Spinning on that magic dell

Of fern of stream and golden rays

A promised hope of not to tell.

Just off the path by darkened leaf

A shining stone as from a dream

Though walking near a while ago,

I held the jewel of gold and cream.

Cool and smooth with sparking rays

As if once known by ancient kings,

A shock above and through the sun

A darting flight of silver wings.

Then at camp I fuelled the fire

And served the tea by river bend,

"Come on now, there's miles to go

A good days walk until the end.

Look above and feel the air

Feast upon the rising sun"

The travellers three again ate well

And knew the trip was nearly done

Little was said of yesterday

Offhand words "I played the fool."

With a buttoned pocket and smiling heart

I held the truth, this secret jewel.

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