Fast Food Music

Mozart was a Salzburger,

Brahms was a Hamburger,
Bach was an Eisenach fillet of fish.
Beethoven walked down George Street looking for a quick eat,
A chicken leg, a string quartet,

a tuba beer and chips.

Over at the Opera House, chased by a crimson mouse
Mozart ran on top of all the Concert Hall seats,
"They've ruined it and destroyed it, debased my beautiful music,
They've just played the "Prague Symphony" with only two repeats!"

Sebastian Bach heard this remark
And rose from his bed to speak,
"You understand how sleight of hand,
Computers cars and rubber bands
Have destroyed the possibilities of
Deep and restful sleep."

"But no! cried Johannes Brahms,
Asleep in Clara Schumann's arms,
They've taken out the days in a seven day week.
This means of course, by strength of force, 
The pink and purple hobby Horse
Will never find the fifty shoes to fit his fifteen feet."

When I'm asleep I think of this,
Of colours, sounds and images,
Of places and the people one day I'd like to meet.
Fragmented thoughts of yesterday, memories of years ago.
Resolving the questions of ideas incomplete. 



Mozart was born in Salzburg, Brahms in Hamburg, Bach in Eisenach.  Brahms loved Clara, wife of Robert Schumann.  A "tube of beer", a tuba beer, refers to a can of beer.  Peter prefers Mozart's music with all repeats;  the Prague symphony has 5 repeats.

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