Here's Some Non Rhyming Poems

A young couple in love steal away down to Jervis Bay for a romantic weekend, isn't love grand!

Living in a shack on Bass Strait, hunting mutton birds for a living, not exactly a glamorous job

Fishing for Blackfish in Australia, they're vegetarian fish.  Great to use Green Weed as bait, suspended under a float.  A wonderful fish to catch, green/bronze with black stripes

A windy day on the edge of the desert at Wilcannia.  Plenty of Fork Tail Kites dive bombing the street, zooming up and down for fun, such good flyers

A friend of mine loved her border collie, and we talked of exploring the desert with a friendly dog

A holiday with friends at a Caravan Park.

A lonely windswept island in the southern Indian Ocean, it's home to plenty of sea birds and a few lizards

I read this poem aloud at a cemetery near Alstonville, receiving a venomous response from the dead people beneath. 

Twentieth century classical music can be fantastic, like Prokofiev. This piece of music was world premiered three times in the 1980s. The composer has a nasty personality and his orchestra butchered a fine 18th century symphony. What rotten afternoon, the stain glass windows were OK.

Mount Imlay is the hardest mountain to climb for me.  It's so difficult, this time it snowed.  When there more recently in 2005, I was totally exhausted

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