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Fast Food


Lover Girl

Here's Some More Rhyming Poems

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Crows can look pretty scary sometimes, this one seen after rain a few months after a huge bushfire trashed this part of  Australia

This poem was published twice.  It's a sex poem, ah, those were the days!

The sandstone rocks near Sydney are grey and old.  One associate of mine angrily said he hated all my poetry, with the exception of this poem. This was the nicest thing he ever said to me, we didn't get on too well.

A long poem, about a mermaid and her comb.

A very long poem, I wrote it in four hours straight.  About a jewel, a fairy princess and all that stuff

A giant osprey originally stole eight golden rings. The hero in this poem steals them back from the osprey's nest. He does it in a big hurry with the aid of his friend, the giant seahorse. The bird lives on an island mountain, and the rings are found in a nest, underneath giant eggs

This poem is loved by kids, they think it's funny. I wonder if this girl knows she is described on the internet.

Black Prince

Bonita Hall

Man of Stone



Jewelled Hand

A nonsense poem about dreaming of fast food and classical music at the same time



Working at St. Leonards, a tree with crimson flowers, growing outside a bank. Eucalyptus sideroxylon