Jewelled Hand

Across the rocks I called with speed

waving for my salty steed.

A flash of white beyond the shore.

his aqua mane, the splashing roar!

The rider set the stallion free

we charged across a silver sea.

Racing hard near half a day

until we found an isle of grey

He bucked then tossed me from my seat

though landing on two eager feet

Calling out to say that "I'm

now on that atavistic climb!"

Searching for an Osprey's nest

here upon the island's crest.

Three creamy eggs of giant size

and there below the greater prize

Eight golden rings of precious stone

stolen by a bird unknown.

Upon my hands they fitted true

two amber, green, two red and blue

My jewelled hand again did crawl

down the rocky sea sprayed wall.

And smiling on a gentle wave

a dreaming rocking seahorse brave

Past the buzzing flying fish

speeding with a fulfilled wish.

Laughing of our island quest

no thought of joy now unexpressed

But in the dawn's coloured sky

a massive bird will often cry

Of stolen rings that he once knew,

two amber, green, two red and blue

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