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Here's Some More Limericks

There once was a girl from Miranda,

who had such a fiendish back-hander,

despite her poor serves, the boys liked her curves, but never could quite understand her.

There once was a young bowl of custard who fell in love with the mustard, she lived on the bench and sang beautiful French and together they never became flustered.

There once was a girl from Balwyn,

who had such a horrible grin,

she stood upside down, the smile turned to a frown, but the dribble run up to her chin

There once was a girl from Parramatta, who's bat was as fat as a hatter, they bought Kentucky fried duck, but she only would suck on the grease and the salty brown batter.

There once was a girl from Balmain,

who lived in a stormwater drain,

her green Siamese cat caught a polka-dot rat

but it left such a terrible stain. 

There once was a girl called myself, who has a little friend elf, she has two crystal wings and five diamond rings and she lives in a book on the shelf

There once was hole in the ground who played on a merry go round, when no-one was near he started to cheer and ran even faster than sound.

The girl from Deloraine jumped on a runaway train, with her blonde hair flowing, the whistle kept blowing again and again and again.

There once was a young man called Errol,

who took of his clothes and went feral,

a bright garden weed fulfilled a dark need,

and he jumped to the air shouting "Cheryl!"

There once was a mountain rock orchid who lived on a cliff facing northward, she put on her sunnies and counted her monies and said "this sun is so bright and so awkward".

There once was a shy young oyster, who got moister and moister, Sarah the groper, that brave interloper kicked her right up the cloister.

There once was a girl from Port Macquarie,

who's aunt drove a twenty ton lorry,

the aunt chucked a mental and was quite sentimental and she said "I'm so terribly sorry."