Rare & Endangered

Look after your local plants and animals. Where-ever you are in the world, be kind to the indigenous things. When I sleep, so many ring tail possums make noises. So good that the Powerful Owls want to eat them.

Look for Greatness

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Ring Tail Possum

In many parts of the world, plants and animals are becoming extinct. This is occurring in far greater numbers than before. We can make a difference, and work to keep what we have still alive. In this photo, two wonderful laurels, in the genus Endiandra. They love to grow.  Rare plants often grow easily from seed.

People love big things, or beautiful flowers or incredible breath taking moments. Such as seeing a Waratah in flower. But so much more in nature is secret and fabulous if you get to know it better.

Down Pointing Flower

This plant is rare in the northern part of its range, but OK in the south (Atherosperma)